EzChurchPay is the complete online giving solution for your church.

 Provide your church members with a quick and easy way to give to your ministry and to stay informed about your organization.


  • Receive donations exclusively for your church without the need for third party apps.
  • Your own premium branded app with your design and logo.
  • Members can easily donate anytime and anyplace.
  • Single sign on allows for quick and easy donations.
  • Flexible payment structure for donations. One time payments or recurring payments.
  • Setup variable and/or fixed donation amounts.
  • Dashboard to track all transactions for donations in real time with support for exporting to QuickBooks, excel, and csv files.


Premium Mobile App Features

Included mobile app features that can be used to engage church members, share your ministry and encourage online giving. Features can be enabled or disabled depending on your preferences.

Contact Information- Provides one-touch-call to contact your organization. Geolocation to show your church location, links to your church website and social pages.

Advanced Push Notifications- Send individual and group notifications to church members in real time informing them of upcoming sermons, events and inspirational messages throughout the week.

Videos- No need to have users quit your app to view your media. Display video sermons and presentations.

Podcast- Stream audio podcast for users to listen to.

Photo Gallery- Display photos to showcase church events and activities.

Prayer Wall- Post prayer request for individuals.

Bible- Members can use the included bible to read scripture in many translations and versions.

Events- Add upcoming events and notify users.

Forms- Create forms to enroll for classes or church events etc..

Mcommerce- Display books and other products for sale from your organization.

Directions- Provide directions to your church location by having users enter their address into your app.

Internal Communication- Allow your staff to communicate via the app using private messaging. Send notifications and have them receive them through their inbox.


Monthly summary, balance history and account data reports are available and can be viewed and exported for accounting purposes.

Seamless Security

Our API service provider uses a rem ote token system th at repl a pci certification level 1c e s the need for credit card numbers to be used for each transactio n and, is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.

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Give us a call if you have questions: 877-542-8024